Rikhi's Masala Meatball Curry

Rikhi is my sister-in-law and is probably one of the sweetest things that happened to my cousin Indrajoy. She is beautiful, loving and compassionate, the kind of person who instantly makes you her friend and promises to stand by through thick and thin.  In the family she is also known for her talent for dancing and passion for food. But it wasn't until last year that we got to taste her cooking...


Vegetable "Makhanwala" (made light)

It was almost after a decade that I cooked Vegetable "Makhanwala" the other day... and even before we started dinner I knew that this version was a keeper.....


Pea-n-Feta Cheese Puff

When trying a new recipe, you know you've hit the jackpot when the picky eater reaches for seconds and the husband asks if the next batch is going into the oven soon..  This does not happen too often chez moi... but sometimes it does.. and when it does.. I do my happy dance... then reach out for the laptop to share the excitement with you.


Coconut and Banana Oatmeal Cookies

I have had a serious crush on this oatmeal cookie recipe since last summer...

The original recipe is Dorie's (but of course) and for the past one year I have been relentlessly playing around with her list of ingredients only to treat my family into awesome wholemeal cookies each time.  


Eggplant Caviar

For the Doristas the final countdown has begun. Just four recipes  to go before they complete their journey through "Around My French Table". I had joined the group late and owing to grid-shift and unavailability of the ingredients in this part of the world, left the group early. Nevertheless I hope to catch-up with the others in the years to come and cook my way through all of Dorie's books as and when I find the ingredients and the time...

This week I did a bit of catching up. I tried Dorie's version of Eggplant Caviar....


Chirer Chop (Flattened Rice Patty)

My mother is a great cook and like all good cooks she guards her recipes well. Request her for her signature dishes and she happily cook them for you... Ask her for the recipe and she'll give you a list of ingredients to play with.  And sometimes, that list is so short and simple that it makes you wonder if that is all that went into that lip smacking curry or the cutlet you just finished.... 


Kokharu Khatta (Pumpkin Chutney Odiya style)

Growing up I wasn't ever allowed to snub off any curry or veggie that was served. The house rule was you eat whatever is given, no excuses and no special meals for anyone. That forced my dad to try the dishes that mom grew up eating, mom learnt to cook the dishes dad grew up eating and I in turn got a peep of whatever both my grandma's cooked for my parents and their siblings.

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